Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: August 27, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Up first, President Donald Trump.  Two versions of our commander in chief on display this week. The one who spoke about Afghanistan received generally high marks. The one who "campaigned" in Phoenix once again drew lines of division.

Back when Donald Trump was making waves in the presidential campaign, WTOL tried to find a supporter who would talk. But calling republicans didn't help since the party actually didn't want Trump. But an early and strong Trump supporter accepted our invitation and in that interview, Rodney Parker gave us all an inside look at a voter bloc that would eventually propel Mr. Trump to victory.

Jerry asks Parker about his thoughts on Trump's presidency thus far.

Then as the summer break descended on the Ohio Statehouse, members of the republican-controlled Ohio house approved a budget, but also overrode several line-item vetoes by Governor John Kasich, a republican.

The senate has already returned to Columbus where this week it concurred with 6 of the 11 house overrides and said it could yet take action on the other five.

Representative Steve Arndt represents the 89th Ohio House District which encompasses both Erie and Ottawa counties. He explains on whether the governor's choice to expand Ohio's medicaid program under Obamacare was a wrong choice or not.

And as you know it, today is Sunday, and for some Christians out there it's special one. The only theological seminary operating in northwest Ohio is celebrating 75 years of existence this year.

Winebrenner Theological Seminary is located in Findlay, right there at the University of Findlay campus. Fitting because it started back in 1942 as the graduate school of theology of the former Findlay College.

Winebrenner President Brent Sleasman talks with Jerry about the church's  denominational affiliation with the churches of God, general council and if the seminary actually welcomes other denominations.

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