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New Northwood School building offers futuristic features with a hint of history

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When Northwood students start up school again, it won't be in the same building as last year. 

The district now has a brand-new school that is built for the future. 

The $35-million building has many cool features, such as colorful common spaces where students can go to work together on projects and 70-inch screens in every classroom to replace the smart boards.

The school also boasts a state of the art facility for the Northwood band, allowing students to record their work in the room. 

"This is a 21-century school design, and the building is built to teach itself and to foster collaboration among staff and students as much as possible," said Northwood Schools superintendent Greg Clark. 

Even though the school have a futuristic look, it also holds a piece of history.

The entrance from the 1938 Olney Elementary School has been put in the building to showcase the long history of the school district in the community.

The new school also has a beautiful playground behind it, equipped to provide the proper recreation for students.

"This big thing for us is just the opportunity that this is going to present for our staff and students to learn, and that is what we are about. This building is going to help provide the best learning and that's what we're about," said Clark.

Northwood Schools will be back in session September 5.

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