Money Talks News: Common college scams

Money Talks News - When you send your kids off to college, they are young, impressionable and carrying cash. That makes them an easy target for crooks and scam artists.

Here are some common scams to beware of before going off to college.

The first scam involves cameras. Most everyone in college has a camera on their phone. If there is a picture of you doing something illegal or embarrassing, you could be ousted or worse blackmailed. So if it is something you would not do in front of your parents or a potential employer, think it through.

Second, if you get a call from the administration office saying a tuition check has bounced, it may be a scam. Your solution should be to hang up and call the office yourself to make sure everything is in order.

Next, do not ever offer to cash a check for anyone. You're just waiting for trouble.

Then if someone says there is a upfront fee for a loan, grant, scholarship or job, be suspicious and check it out.

Finally, if you are on public WiFi, be careful and do not log into anything sensitive like your bank account. Someone can easily hack and steal your personal information.

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