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Maumee schools integrate technology into education

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Maumee schools are back in session, and they're getting kids ready for the future.

Several tools are used to achieve this goal, and they can all be found in the makerspace classrooms that can be found in every building throughout the district.

These age-appropriate spaces give students a chance to be creative with opportunities such as the robotics program and 3-D printers.

Students in grades four through 12 are also offered their own technological device to use.

Students in the younger grades can use their device during their classes and return it at the end of the day, while high school students can use their devices at night and in the summer.

"We're integrating a lot of digital content into our classrooms right now, so that's needed," said Jason Dugan of Maumee City Schools.

Teachers also utilizing technology in their classrooms. Some teachers are using a device called Clevertouch, a replacement for smart boards that is used on a 65-inch TV/tablet. 

It has a 4k display and gives teachers the options to write, highlight and save in-class notes that can be emailed to students later.

The goal of the schools are to advance their digital program every year to help kids succeed and be ready for their next step in life.

"We look at colleges today, and students are going online and doing online classes so this is a good stepping stone for our students," Dugan said.

Maumee school officials are determined to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology, in the hope of preparing their students for life after graduation.

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