McComb hopes to continue recent tradition of success

McCOMB, OH (WTOL) - Over the last 18 years, McComb has made it to the postseason 15 times, the last two years making it all the way to the state semifinal game. Success is now a Panther tradition.

"I think it's just, you know, the tradition here at McComb High School," head coach Kris Alge said. "Coach Banning started it way back in 1983 when they won the state championship. They challenge themselves. We put footballs with the years up, you know, the records in the locker room, and they don't want that team to be the one that doesn't make the playoffs. I think it's just a lot of pride and tradition in McComb, and the kids take a lot of pride at it."

For the seniors, the focus is keeping this tradition alive.

"My class, we haven't lost to any of the BVC quite yet," said junior Kheaghan Loe. "So I feel like they're definitely going to want it, and we really want to stay BVC champs."

"A lot of us take it for gr anted, you know, we just take winning for gr anted," senior Cam Morris said. "We know a lot of teams look at us and they're like, 'Ok, we want to beat McComb, they've won a lot.' So that's definitely our hard work knowing that we have a big ole "X" on our back so that's our motivation."

McComb will have a lot of new faces though. While it'll be a young team, Coach Alge says the long postseason runs in the past, should help this year.

"I mean these kids have played 28 games in the last two years," Coach Alge said. "A lot of teams they play 20 games, so at least these kids have played 28 in the last two years."

Last year, senior Cam Morris had a solid defensive performance, 16 interceptions. While he is looking for another strong defensive performance, this year he will on the field to score points as quarterback.

"Definitely keeping my composure in the pocket," Morris said. "Leading our offense and scoring a lot, hopefully."

McComb opens up their season at home with Delta.

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