Gov. Kasich speaks at Oregon Clean Energy Center

Gov. Kasich speaks at Oregon Clean Energy Center

OREGON, OH (WTOL) - Governor John Kasich made a firm stance when it comes to using tax payer dollars to bail out the power company during a ribbon cutting at the Oregon Clean Energy Center.

"It's hard to explain just how large this facility is behind me, but I can tell you it produces just as much power at a nuclear plant and provides energy to over 700,000 households," said Kasich.

Just three years ago, the plant was just a soy bean field.

But after $800 million went into private investments, Oregon Clean Energy Center is helping to fight back against big power companies raising customer's rates all while providing a clean energy option.

"It's a new day in Ohio. This is a new way of doing things and it's bringing investment more competition. Most important more savings for consumers," Kasich said.

The clean burning natural gas plant produces electricity with half as much carbon dioxide and one third as much water of a coal power plant.

"I've been in the power industry since 1978 I've worked in all types of technology and i truly believe in the combined cycle natural gas, high efficiency low impact," said Peter Rigney, the project general manager.

Governor Kasich brought a group of legislators with him and encouraged forward thinking when it comes to the area's energy source.

"I want these legislators to understand we have to keep an open market and we want to encourage this because it is going to yield so many good things and not take us back to yesterday," said Kasich.

Referring to Clean Energy and when asked if their request for a government bailout is a possibility, it was a stern no.

"Economic decisions have to be made and I think they will have to work their way through it themselves," Kasich added.

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