Safety tips for children heading back to school

Safety tips for children heading back to school

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Back-to-school time means safety is extra important.

With children walking to school or to the bus stop, both pedestrians and drivers need to be vigilant to avoid an accident.

For children who walk to school, Toledo police tell parents to teach them the fastest route to get to school. Parents can walk or drive the child along the route before school starts to make sure they know the way.

A route with the least times your child has to cross the street is the best.

When they do have to cross the street, tell them to use the traffic lights and to look both ways before walking out into the road.

"Look to your left, look to your right, look over your should. You look straight ahead and you look back before you cross the street. Don't assume that cars can see you," said TPD Sgt. Greg Mahlman.

Having something reflective on your child's backpack is also a good idea so they are easier to be seen.

Drivers need to pay attention to pedestrians, especially in a school zone. Make sure you are driving the correct speed and always stop for school buses.

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