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Gangs using police scanners online to get the upper hand on officers

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Toledo police know local gangs try to always be one step ahead of their officers. One of those strategies is by listening to police scanners.

In the past, someone would have to by a scanner to listen in on chatter on police and emergency crew chatter. Now, there are several apps and websites available for people who want to listen in on the conversations.

A few days ago, the Toledo Police Department removed their scanner from the popular website Broadcastify.

"We want to surprise the criminal, we don't want them to know we are coming," said Sgt. Kevin Toney of Toledo Police. "If they have an opportunity to think about our coming, they might choose to flee or they could choose to do something else and aggress the officers."

Sgt. Toney says having their scanner traffic online puts the lives of officers in dangers. 

To combat this, police department like Toledo's resorted to sending information through their in-car computer systems. This allows police to keep potential gang members and criminals on edge.

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