Money Talks News: Saving your data

Money Talks News - With so much to do with a phone, it seems the last thing people do with it is talk on it.

Because of that fact, your carrier likely measures the size of your bill in megabytes rather than minutes. So if you do not want to exceed your data cap, here are some important things you need to know.

First, beware of things that hog your data like video.

According to Consumer Reports, if you stream one four-minute HD video from YouTube, that will take up 700MB. If you only have one gig on your plane, 70 percent is gone.

Similarly if you upload a video, it could take about 100MB for each minute of HD video you upload.

If you do video calling, that can cost you three to four megabytes per minute.

The other two hogs that can take a "byte" out of your data: Games and music streaming.

So how can you avoid taking up too much data on your phone? Wait for wifi.

Also, manage your apps. Facebook, Spotify and Google maps all have settings that will help you save data.

Also, download an app that tracks your data usage. Check it often so you know how much you are using each month.

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