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Family distraught after two cars ruined by fire, business owner steps in to help

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Toledo police were on the scene of two car fires in north Toledo Wednesday morning.

The fires occurred of Elm Street and East Central Avenue around 3:30 a.m.

The Cogan family said the sound brick going through their car window woke them up in the middle of the night. They went outside to see what happened and saw their two cars were on fire.

The family says the flames were so intense it felt like the sun was on their front porch. 

"That's my husband's income. He has tools in the car, I have four granddaughters that I have to take to therapy. I don't even know what I'm going to do. I'm supposed to have surgery Friday. I mean, this is a huge loss to us," said family member Kimberly Cogan. 

The family said they have lived in the neighborhood for four years and have lived in their current house since January. They said they don't have any enemies and don't know why anyone would do something like this.

CJ's Auto Store owner Larry Rothenbuhler says he heard on the news about the Cogan's vehicles catching fire and wanted to help. 

Rothenbuhler offered a 1999 Ford Escort and 2006 Sonata for one dollar each. He says he heard Kimberly Cogan's husband is a handyman who works out of his vehicle, so it was important to keep him on the job. 

"There's just so much bad press that comes out of the North Toledo area and this happened to be a family that came up in need," Rothenbuhler said. "It was an opportunity that I had."

Cogan picked up the two cars this afternoon. She says she was grateful for the donation.

 "I love it. It's gonna work. It's gonna get me and my grand kids where we need to go and what we need done, done," Cogan said. 

Rothenbuhler says he hopes others in the community help out people where they can. 

"It doesn't always take money to help people," Rothenbuhler said. "Sometimes just a little gesture, I guess."

Toledo police and fire are investigating the incident, but say it will be difficult to figure out who is behind the fires without any witnesses.

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