Money Talks News: Turning your home into a restaurant

Money Talks News - The Internet has created dozens of new ways to make money by allowing users to sell their services.

Prime example? Food sharing.

"It's not something I'm going to retire on, it's not something that, you know, I'm going to be able to do full time. But it's something that when I do it, people leave and they're happy, it just makes me feel really, really, really good."

Avi Levy is doing what people have done plenty of times: Getting ready to have a few people over for dinner. But for Avi, the appetizing part isn't just the company. Because he's also charging his guests.

"I have three kids, and you look at budgets for meals. I could cook this meal and I'll make enough money, certainly to take care of my family, food wise, for at least a week or so," said Levy

Levy's guests found him through the website Similar sites include Feastly and Eat With a Local. They match cooks and customers all over the world, and take a cut of the profits.

These services are about more than just turning someone's home into a pop up restaurant. For guests, they're an opportunity to mingle with locals, from Miami to Milan. They're also a great way to get home-cooked food for less than restaurant prices.

Think of it as baking two birds with one stone: Both chefs and guests meet interesting people from around the world while picking up a buck or two.

As with other sharing services, from AirBnB to Uber, the action is mostly concentrated in larger cities, and there could be local ordinances against doing it. But for chefs, this could be a delicious way to pick up a little extra cash.

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