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NASCAR fans keep the sport alive at MIS

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It isn't just the heart of the drivers that keep NASCAR alive; it's the heart of the fans, too. 

The smell of burnt rubber and the fans cheering almost as loud as the race cars gives NASCAR an atmosphere that is truly hard to describe if you're not there to witness it.

"NASCAR is just a family. A family atmosphere. You'll see people 80 years old to five years old and everybody just gets along," said NASCAR fan Bill Cavalieri, who has been coming to races for 15 years. "Sometime I think people think NASCAR folks are really rough but they really are not."

It's a sport unlike any other, and a big part of the mystique is fans like John and Diane Walker, who ended up at the Michigan International Speedway for the first time ever because of a good deed.

"Diane was driving down the road here in Brooklyn when a suitcase fell off the back of the pick-up truck. She picked it up, brought it home and the suitcase said Stuart Hoss Racing on it. So I looked online and sure enough, it was assigned to the crew. I sent some e-mails out and about an hour later a crew member it belonged to said, 'thank you so much.' Then he said, 'now go pick up some hot passes and enjoy the weekend.'" said John.

It isn't just the party atmosphere that keeps fans coming back, but the sense of community as well.

"We help each other out," said John Mans of Chicago. "You come here, you need ice or you forget to bring something, your neighbor will have it and will let you use it. We all just work together that way, so it's just one big happy family."

That sense of camaraderie is what keeps the sport alive, no matter who wins the race.

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