Parents: How safe is your child's backpack?

Parents: How safe is your child's backpack?

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As back-to-school shopping starts winding down, parents are being warned over what type of backpack to buy for their children.

The older they get the more books they will have to carry, and it's important to avoid back pain.

Medical specialists recommend a backpack that does not hang more than four inches below their waist. They also say an ideal backpack should have multiple compartments and two thick straps.

"The key would be to try to distribute weight on a child's back, so finding one that has two straps is ideal so that weight can be more evenly distributed. And then it's important to use both of those straps so we're not pulling on one shoulder over the other, but evenly distributing the weight to our back," said Wellness Education Specialist Jessica Boland.

Specialists also say that a backpack should have some type of reflective material or tape on it to help keeps kids safe when walking to and from school or waiting for the bus.

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