Start looking to continue historic City League dominance

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As back-to-back City League champs, the Start Spartans' goal this year is simple. They want a three-peat.

"Just trying to get the team prepared like we did the last two years I've been here," said senior middle linebacker and guard Valjon Foster. "Since it's my senior year it's my team so I'm going to get my team prepared for another City League Championship."

While the Spartans look to be atop their league once again, they'll be doing it under first year head coach Corey Pargo.

Even though there's only about eight starters returning, the former Ohio State Buckeye says as long as they play as one unit, they'll achieve their goals.

"It takes a group effort, and we already know that, and it doesn't just take one or two guys," Pargo said. "We've been blessed with great numbers, so we want to make sure that all of those numbers are used to our best abilities so we can win a City League Championship."

With youth being a factor, Coach Pargo and his staff put extra pressure on their players during practice, even using some different tactics.

"Just for example on our defense we got a 7-on-7. We try to put at least 11, 12 guys that's on offense versus our seven guys that's on defense, so it's already a disadvantage," Coach Pargo said. "So hopefully closer to game time they'll be like, 'Oh, ok, I've been in a situation that's way tougher before than it is now.' So maybe they'll be able to relax."

While Coach Pargo looks to continue the Spartans winning ways, he wants his team's success to span beyond the field.

"Championships, I got to be honest when I say that," Pargo said. "I've been a winner all my life, and I expect to win. With that, coming with the win, I expect our young men to win in life."

Start opens their season at home with Clyde.

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