Fremont BBQ joint to help raise money for high school athletics

Fremont BBQ joint to help raise money for high school athletics

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - Many kids grow up dreaming of the day they can play under the lights for their school, but sometimes a waiver is not enough for kids to take the field.

In Fremont, the district requires students to pay a fee to participate in sports. That helps fund the schools' athletic programs

At Fremont Ross, that fee is $175 per sport, which some parents simply cannot pay.

Justin Burel owns Big Burel's BBQ in Fremont. On Friday, he will use his business to make a difference in the community.

"You can't ask kids to give and do nice things if they never see anyone else doing it," Justin Burel said.

Burel plans to hold a block party lasing through the weekend. The money raise will support students who may not ever get a chance to play sports in high school.

A block party...lasting all weekend, raising money for those who might not otherwise be able to afford being an athlete.

"It's awesome in my eyes," Justin's cousin Apollo Burel said. "Not too many people give back in the community so we are just trying to do our part."

Justin knows he cannot raise enough money for everyone. But every dollar may be enough to help just one more student suit up for sports.

"The expenses from just school shopping and getting new shoes, and haircuts, and then you think of another fee to play football," Justin said. "You know that's probably something that will be an extra strain."

The money raised Friday night will go directly to the athletic department. Afterward, the school will find out which families need the money.

"[In] Fremont, we really get behind our athletics," Justin said. "So we're just showing that a small business here is rooting for the little giants."

The block party begins Friday night at 6 p.m. It will start again on Saturday and Sunday at noon.

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