Bowling Green looking to finally capture the NLL

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Last year, Bowling Green went 7-3 in the regular season and hosted a first round playoff game. It was their third straight trip to the postseason.

Coach Dirk Conner, and Scott Seeliger before him, created a legitimate contender every year in the Northern Lakes League.

"We've made the playoffs, we've competed with the top of the conference, but now we want to beat the top of the conference," Coach Dirk Conner said. "We want to beat the teams in the playoffs and get wins and move further in to the tournament. That's the next step for us, we've talked about it, we don't shy away from it and it's what we've worked towards."

The Bobcats had some heartbreaking losses a year ago. They had the lead in all 3 of their key losses towards the end of the year. That serves as motivation for this season.

"Finishing out games would be the most important next step," senior Brian Dible said. "Last year, all the games we lost, they were at the very end. We could have very easily been 10-0, 11-0, facing Central Catholic in the second round of the playoffs. I think this year, we've got to focus on finishing that. Grinding out games, being more mentally tough than we were last year."

A year ago at this time, Spencer Rader battled Dylan Dohanos for the starting quarterback job. Rader lost a really close competition. But with Dohanos gone, it's his team and his time to lead the offense.

"I'm really excited, because I've been waiting a long time," Rader said. "Last year it was kind of heartbreaking because he said 'you have no idea how close you were to getting the spot,' and it was really tough to sit on the sidelines most of the year. This year, I'm excited to lead the team, and be the captain of the offense."

The Bobcats are trying for their fourth straight playoff appearance this year, and it all starts with their season opener on the road at Rossford.

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