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Lead pipe replacement creating pothole problems

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Lead pipe replacement is continuing on the north side of Flint.

Almost 3,000 pipes have been replaced so far across the city.

It's what crews are leaving behind when the work is done that has residents demanding answers.

Residents said holes dug up in neighborhood roads are being filled with dirt and left for the city to fix later on. It is an issue that continues to be a nuisance for residents around Chevrolet and Hamilton Avenue.

"It's been a slow process," said Brianna Rankin, Flint resident.

She said crews have left behind damaging potholes in her neighborhood.

"People have been driving over it. It needs to be refilled and they haven't been out here in like two months to do anything," Rankin said.

Contractors with Roese Contracting and Goyette Mechanical said the water project deals they have with the city don't cover paving.

"It really isn't making any sense how they're doing because it's just making the holes deeper when people drive over it," Rankin said.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the city said both private contractors and city crews are responsible for the road repairs.

Several months after work was done on Rankin's road, she is left wondering if the road will ever be fully repaired.

"They got enough money to fix the pipes. They got enough money to fix the gravel. They should have paved it over real soon or they should have did it when they got it done," Rankin said.

The mayor's plan calls for replacing pipes at 3,000 additional homes by the end of the year.

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