Despite rumors, Toledo's water still safe to drink

Despite rumors, Toledo's water still safe to drink
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Three years ago, a harmful algae bloom gripped the Toledo into a devastating water crisis. Three summers later, rumors still swirl of another crisis.

Since the third anniversary of the crisis, residents took the social media asking if their water was safe to drink.

Some residents even reached out to WTOL on our Facebook to ask about the quality of their water.

On August 3, the day after the anniversary of the crisis, Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson responded to some of the rumors in a tweet. She called the rumors "fake news."

On Wednesday, the city tweeted out the water quality dashboard, saying it "reflects accurate information."

There are signs of an algae bloom in Monroe County and conditions are ideal for an algae bloom.

However, the city says their latest tests show the water is clear, though some experts believe the city could soon issue a "watch." Even if the city issues a watch, it does not mean microcystin showed up in tests.

"The watch is just for the public to know there is some toxin out there, they're watching it closely and they're treating for it," Dr. Tom Bridgeman of the University of Toledo said.

The city says the purpose of the water quality dashboard is to ensure the city is transparent with residents through the harmful algae bloom season.

Scientists believe the city will have to continue to monitor how toxic the algae becomes.

"2014, for example, the cells were making more toxins, compared to the last few years," said NOAA Oceanographer Dr. Richard Stumpf.

You can always check the quality of your drinking water by heading to the water quality dashboard.

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