Genoa Local Schools hosts technology conference for teachers

Genoa Local Schools hosts technology conference for teachers

GENOA, OH (WTOL) - With the new school year right around the corner, many teachers are brushing up on their teaching techniques.

One local school district is helping them with a new technique, learning how to better utilize technology in the classroom.

With technology an integral part of everyday life, it only makes sense that teachers have a solid grasp on how to implement computers and electronics effectively into their school lessons.

The G-Tech Summit is a first-year conference hosted by Genoa Area Local Schools, with 150 teachers in attendance.

Multiple workshops were available, led by 35 technology education specialists.

The topics ranged from lesson organization and introduction to Chromebooks in the classroom to virtual reality implementation.

With children becoming more familiar with technology at earlier ages, it's important their teachers also have the same proficiency.

"I think they're finally catching on that sometimes the kids may know more than they do, so they've gotta come here and get brushed up for the school year," said Tom Baker, director of technology at Genoa Area Local Schools.

The hope is to make the technology conference an annual event.

Visit here for more information about what happened at the conference.

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