Northview expects to improve on disappointing 2016 season

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Doug Downing is starting his fourth year coaching at Northview.

He's built a reputation for developing good quarterbacks. This year their guy is senior Brandon Leach.

To be successful in the pocket, it's not always the arm, it's also the feet and hips.

"Brandon's really done a great job at QB improving his skills and making strides," Downing said. "I think a lot of people will see a big difference in him this year."

It's a team game, but the quarterback makes everybody better.

"We definitely worked hard, and, of course, going 5-5 again it's frustrating obviously," Leach said. "So we just want to get better everyday."

Leach among a bunch of talented seniors that built this program like wideout and safety

Dane Hullibarger and senior running back and linebacker Jeffrey Blanks, Jr.

After back-to-back 5-5 seasons, maybe this is their time.

"Every day we've been in the weight room, we've been outside running, working hard with the team whether it's yourself or bringing guys in like underclassmen or 8th graders," Hullibarger said.

"Our team has been together for awhile, we've been playing varsity since our sophomore year," Blanks said. "So now we're seniors and now that we're all together I think we can come together as a unit and play against those good teams."

"I think as a program, now we're ready to take that next step to get the victory in those games and take care of business," Downing said.

The Wildcats open their season at Waite.

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