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Crook wanted for break-ins at senior living retreat

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For the past three weeks, a crime spree is threatening the peace of seniors living in a south Toledo neighborhood.

Long Winter Lane is a retreat for those who live there, but it is also an easy target for a serial criminal. 

"It's really peaceful and quiet, but they need patrols here after midnight," resident Willy Beene said.

On Sunday, someone broke into five of the units. In total, 12 units fell victim to the crook.

The crook likely climbs in through the garage windows and grabs what is inside cars and the garage.

"I don't know how they got it out of the window," Beene said.

The property manager says she it outraged police are not doing more to catch the perp.

"I'm asking for police to help on those nights to try and catch them," said property manager Helen Haddad. "I have senior residents living here and they are concerned someone is going to come in and rob them."

If anyone has information on who may be behind these break-ins, they are urged to call Crime Stopper at (419)-255-1111.

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