Liberty Benton High School football plans to make the playoffs

Liberty Benton High School football plans to make the playoffs

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - It's been two years since Liberty Benton has been in the playoffs.

"The last couple years we haven't been at the level we previously tried to establish," said Tim Nichols, Liberty Benton head coach.

Prior to 2015, the Eagles had made it to the postseason four years in a row.

"I wouldn't say we got accustomed to it, our kids expected to do it," Nichols said. "But now we have a group of kids that for two years haven't been able to experience that, so it gives us motivation that we do want to get there."

But after back-to-back 6 and 4 seasons, the seniors say it's time to get back to week 11.

"This year is like everything for the team," said Austin May, senior quarterback. "We really need to get back to the playoffs, and hopefully we can go 10-0 and just make a run in the playoffs and win the BVC and just get back to LB tradition."

"There are seniors that made it week 11 our freshman year and we know what it takes to get there and we hope we can get back there," said Gr ant Vermilya, senior offensive lineman.

Anchored by returning quarterback Austin May, the offense has four of their top five receivers returning and running back Jon Sadler.

"Perimeter wise we're more solid than we've been the last couple years," Nichols said. "But now we got to get some kids to step up, up front."

L-B is only returning two to the O-line, Gr ant Vermilya and A.J. Dobbins.

"A.J. and I are going to try and help them just by our experience," Vermilya said. "Just telling them what they need to do and get ready to prepare for different teams."

While the main goal is the playoffs, the Eagles know the key to success is one game at a time.

"It's a senior-led team so the seniors are going to have to do it all," May said. "There's a few underclassmen that will, but we're just going to have to give it our all every Friday night to get back to the playoffs."

Liberty Benton kicks off their season at home with Wynford.

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