Money Talks News: Controlling financial stress

Money Talks News - According to the American Psychological Association, money is always a top stress producer among Americans.

No one goes through life without worrying about money in some capacity. But there are steps you can take to reduce those money-related stresses.

The first step is to get organized. Know what you owe and know what you own. That is how you know where you stand financially.

Second, track your income and expenses. Make sure you never spend more than you make.

Third, have a goal so you know where you would like to end up.

Next, use technology like baking app, budgeting programs, expense trackers and investment calculators to your advantage.

Finally, learn as much as you can about financial security. Understand things like your 401K and stocks. Do not be afraid to hire someone to help you. Just make sure they are paid by the hour and not by commission.

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