Money Talks News: Turning savings into investments

Money Talks News: Turning savings into investments

Money Talks News - If you have money saved in the bank, you know how low that savings rate is.

While interest rates have risen recently, they are still at a historic low. That is great news for borrowers, but not-so-great for those with savings.

Earning more money on your savings is neither easy, nor risk-free, but it is possible.

One way to make more on savings is to shop for higher savings rates. Look for credit unions for your savings, as they often offer higher rates than big banks.

Don't be afraid to invest in Wall Street. While investing in stocks does have risk, there are many out there that are both decent dividend for payers and decent investments.

AT&T, for example, is paying more than five percent. Wells Fargo is paying their shareholders about three percent.

Of course, if you invest in a mutual fund, you can watch your money grow with less risk.

Bonds are another idea to invest in, but you must be care. If interest rates go up, bond prices go down.

Peer to peer lending sites like Prosper or Lending Club allows you to loan money to individuals and collect interest.

Although there is risk involved, getting involved in real estate may also help. Depending on where you live, you may be able to earn more as a landlord than at the bank. You will get some appreciation too.

While all these suggestions require risks, you will have to educate yourself before taking your money from a savings account and into investments.

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