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Monroe Police say there was likely 'no criminal activity' in relation to alleged abduction incident

(Source: Monroe Police Department) (Source: Monroe Police Department)

One day after a 12-year-old boy says the driver of a van he didn't know told him to get in, the Monroe Police Department is saying there was likely no criminal activity. 

The incident allegedly occurred on the 600 block of Eastchester Street around 8 p.m. on Thursday. 

Police say the boy told him he was taking out the trash when a red van drove past him, came back around the block and pulled up next to the curb. 

The driver of the van then allegedly told the 12-year-old to get in the van but the child did not. 

After returning home, his father contacted the police but when they arrived the van was gone. 

The child said he did not recognize the driver of the van. 

Later police did locate a matching van in the area of East Eight Street and Jerome Street.

They found a black hat with the word "Sheriff" written on it on the van's dashboard that matched a description given by the boy. 

On Friday, detectives said they were able to locate the driver of the van in question and he was cooperating with the investigation.

Police also said a witness, who was a passenger in the vehicle, stated she was with the driver at the time of this incident, and corroborated the driver’s statements.

Anyone with information should contact the Monroe Police Department at 734-243-7500.

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