Study: More people are quitting smoking

Study: More people are quitting smoking

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A new study shows for the first time in 15 years, more people are putting out their cigarette butts for the last time.

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department says it's seeing a similar trend locally with more people kicking the habit in recent years.

Lindsey Rodenhauser is the Tobacco Prevention Coordinator with Toledo-Lucas County Health.

She says preliminary numbers for the beginning of 2017 show 14 percent of adults in Lucas County smoke. That's down from 19 percent in 2013-2014.

Of the people who do smoke, 50 percent of them are trying to quit.

"I think it's because of services the county is providing and the organizations and also we have the Quit Line," Rodenhauser said.

A national study by The University of California, San Diego shows the rate of people who quit smoking rose just over one percent in 2014 and 2015. That adds up to about 350,000 people who quit, nationwide.

The study suggests the use of e-cigarettes is helping people kick the habit.

We asked you on our WTOL 11 Facebook page if you've quit and how you did it. Several of you said vaping, in fact, helped you quit.

The health department isn't ready to say that e-cigarettes are beneficial in smoking cessation.

"We are seeing a rise in the use of e-cigarettes. Not only for the adult population, but also for the teens," Rodenhauser  said. "And that's what they're starting with, is with the e-cigarettes."

The health department says it's still waiting to see the health impacts of e-cigarettes, as vaping is still relatively new.

If you'd like help to quit smoking, call 419-213-4160.

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