Money Talks News: Working from home

Money Talks News - We are in the midst of the Internet Age. And with that, more people are hoping to work from home. But what jobs are legitimate jobs and what jobs will you cause you to lose money.

So how can you avoid a work-from-home ripoff?

First avoid any opportunity where you have to pay big money upfront. The more money they want, the more suspicious you should be.

Second, make sure you look for an established company with specific contact information. Don't sign up for a blind ad.

Next, check every company with the Better Business Bureau. Look at the reviews and complaints against the company.

Finally, ask questions to the company including work expectations, records you should keep, how you will be paid and how your performance will be measured.

So what sort of job should you look for?

The first step is check your local employment office for telecommuting opportunities.

Also, if you have a special skill such as teaching or audio transcription, register with a website that offers jobs in those skills.

Only use trusted sites to look for work. Always ignore pop-up ads.

For more information or if you want a list of companies that allow employees to work from home, head the Money Talks News website and search "working from home"

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