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Man behind Flint mayor recall petition speaks out


Since 2015, she's been the woman behind many of the major decisions made in the Vehicle City. Now, the man who wants Mayor Karen Weaver recalled is talking about why he thinks she's unfit for office.

Arthur Woodson said there isn’t one specific thing that’s fueling his recall petition, but what it boils down to is residents are fed up.

“People was coming looking for us to sign the petition. We didn't even have to say anything,” Woodson said.

Police are investigating after they received several complaints from residents who said they were defrauded during the recall petition process.

The reports said the petitioners said they were collecting signatures for support for a grant from the state for water pipe replacement, for the recall of Gov. Rick Snyder, for the recall of President Donald Trump, and the reduction of water rates or other energy costs, police said.

"When the citizen agreed to support these causes, the petitioner flipped the page of signature sheets in an effort to obscure the top of the petition and directed the person to sign a page that was for the mayoral recall," the Flint Police Department said in a press release. 

Woodson said the signatures speak for themselves.

“The signatures are there. And Mayor Weaver and surrogates can say or do what they want,” Woodson said.

Woodson said although he was honest about his petition, he can’t speak for anyone else involved in the recall mission. 

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