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3 people rob family at gunpoint, 1 person still on the run

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A family in North Toledo is dealing with the fact that their home was broken into and they were robbed at gunpoint.

After hearing a loud boom at their door around 11 p.m. Tuesday night, the homeowner, her mother and her one-year-old baby were woken up.

During the invasion, the homeowner and her child attempted to hide in a closet but the robbers made the family members go into the bedroom and lie on the bed.

“They sat me down and they asked me did you call the police? I told them no. He made me unlock my phone in front of him and made sure I didn't call the police,” said the homeowner.  “I started crying. I was begging for my life like please do not shoot me or my mom. I just kept saying I don't want to die.”

Police said the three robbers, two men and a woman, got away with a car, along with other personal items such as food, clothing and multiple electronic devices.

Soon after this, police said they saw a car speeding down Woodruff Avenue.

When they pulled the car over, they realized that it had just been reported as stolen. 

The two people inside the car, Tally and Kayla Gordon, were arrested after being positively identified by the victims of their armed robbery. 

All merchandise that was stolen from the house had already been removed from the vehicle.

Police say the third suspect is a male and he is still on the run. 

Both Tally and Gordon are being held on a 200,000 bond.

They will appear again in court on August 2.

But for the victims, this isn’t the first time their home has been hit, according to the homeowner. She said just one month ago they were robbed by the same exact people.

The victims are mentally and physically exhausted from this, are just relieved they're safe.

“I'm just thankful that me, my mom and my baby are alive and that I can tell my story.”

WTOL 11 put in a call to Toledo Police to find out if these are the same people they claim robbed them a month ago.

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