Toledo councilwoman urges city to address dangerous trees

Toledo councilwoman urges city to address dangerous trees

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Our Call 11 for Action team is getting a lot of calls from viewers about trees falling houses, cars, fences.

Last week, Call 11 for Action went to the home of Joanne Pawloski, an 89-year-old grandmother who feared for her life due to a tree hanging over her roof.

Tuesday, Councilwoman Lindsay Webb demanded action on this public safety issue.

"Some of these trees in the city are 150 years old and if they fall on a home, it could literally kill someone," Councilwoman Webb told the Toledo City Council at Tuesday's meeting.

According to Webb, the city responded to the issue Monday by giving 72-hour notices to the property owner to take the tree down. If the owner does not, the city will.

"I would like them all to be sent to inspection and evaluated for whether or not they are impacting safety," Councilwoman Webb said.

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson says the city has to walk a fine line between safety of residents and property rights.

"Safety is really the paramount for what we do," Mayor Hicks-Hudson said. "We have to balance that of course with property rights of individuals."

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says she will bring up the issue to the forestry division.

The city has since taken cut down the overgrown tree.

Pawloski said she is relieved now that the tree is gone.

"I've been so scared that we were going to get a blowing storm," said Pawloski.

Pawloski's son Christopher said he feels a lot safer as well.

"We saw what the damage of the last limb that fell down caused. The rest of this tree could cause a lot more damage than that," Christopher said.

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