Todd Crandall and Racing for Recovery on CNN

Todd Crandall and Racing for Recovery on CNN

HOLLAND, OH (WTOL) - Racing for Recovery, a local addiction recovery center, is getting national attention again.

Todd Crandall was also on the Doctor's in February talking about his journey as an addict. He says it was his ability to turn his troubled past in to a way helping others recover that initially caught their eye.

Crandall now wants people across the country to take note of the unique way Racing for Recovery celebrates recovery. He says it's through working out and getting to the root cause of the addiction are the keys to recovery at the center.

Crandall says every time they are on the national stage like this, calls flood in with addicts and their families want help.

As great as this national attention is, Crandall says he wants most their impact felt in northwest Ohio.

"It's a huge opportunity for us, but for me, it's always just kept things plain and simple," Crandall said. "We're here locally doing the same thing we've been doing since 2001. Yes, it's awesome to have national exposure but I want our local community to utilize us as much as possible."

"I think that this is a program that could be nationwide or should be just because it has different aspects to it that I think help a lot of people out," said Stephanie Sans, who uses Racing for Recovery.

Crandall says the CNN crews were in Holland for 14 hours shooting what will be a three-minute story.

The segment airs Wednesday morning during the 8 a.m. hour and then again Saturday at 2 p.m. hour.

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