Money Talks News: Making yourself more likable

Money Talks News - Imagine a world where everyone likes you. There would be endless benefits.

That world does not exist for you. However, making yourself more likable can put more money in your pocket from getting a raise to negotiating a deal.

One way to make yourself more likable is use the appropriate body language.

Smiling is important. Some experts say not to smile in an instant though. Look them in the eye before smiling. That shows you are not smiling for the sake of smiling, but you are reacting to them personally.

And when you are talking to someone, make sure you look at them. It shows what they have to say is important.

When you meet someone, pretend they are an old friend of yours. Treat every stranger like an old friend and they will not be a stranger long.

Good posture also makes a big difference. Make sure to sit and stand up straight when talking to someone. Also do not fidget or put your hands near your face.

When it comes to the conversation itself, listen. Do not pretend to listen.

Also use someone's name as much as possible. And flattering someone may seem awkward but it works.

Finally, do not be afraid to paraphrase and repeat what people say.

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