Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: July 23, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - First up is the Democratic State Representative Michael Ashford, of Toledo, who is in his 4th term. Representative Ashford has served as the minority whip of the Ohio House. He served on Toledo City Council and was its president in 2007. He serves as Vice-President of Urban Affairs for the YMCA/JCC.

He first joins Jerry to talk about Medicaid, the Ohio opioid epidemic, guns, the Toledo Mayoral race and more.

And as Washington continues to deal with a majority party, the Republicans, who are having a tough time finding a unified voice, a two-year budget just passed in Columbus, Ohio.

The G-O-P is also the party of power in Ohio state government, but not unlike Washington, the legislature at times broke with the administration. Much of that debate centered on an issue being wrestled with in both Columbus and Washington.

Republican Bill Reineke is in his second term representing Ohio House District 88 discusses how serious the issue of an adequate workforce is in Ohio if we are to attract more businesses to our state.

And finally, many Ohio sportsmen (read that hunters and fishermen) are upset and saying so. They've been pushing for price increases for Ohio hunting and fishing licenses.

In the recently passed budget, they got half their wish; an increase in out-of-state license fees. Any increase had been opposed by the Kasich administration. But it is what happened in the days immediately following passage of the budget that has sportsmen upset.

Evan Heusinkveld, President and C.E.O. of the Sportsman Alliance joins Jerry via Skype and explains what happened.

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