Meet Ken Streitenberger

Rev. Ken Streitenberger
Rev. Ken Streitenberger

Rev. Ken Streitenberger is the Associate Pastor of Epworth United Methodist Church.

"What God has done once in the past, God can and will do again in the future..."

For as long as he can remember, those words have been the guiding force in Ken Streitenberger's life. Serving as Epworth United Methodist Church's Associate Pastor for the past decade, Ken is Epworth's world traveler, if you will, leading the church's Missions and Church and Society programs, spreading the word of God both globally and locally. In addition to his worship-related responsibilities, Ken provides pastoral care to those in need or who simply need a pick-me-up, or even those who deserve some extra praise. And, he also makes sure the facilities - both the building and the grounds - are in the optimal condition.

Before making Epworth and Toledo his home, Ken served as senior pastor at churches throughout Ohio: Bellpoint (north of Columbus), Columbus , Cincinnati and Concord (a Dayton suburb). He earned his undergraduate degree from Ohio University and his master's in theology from the Boston School of Theology. He's also been a full member and ordained elder of the United Methodist Church's West Ohio Conference since 1972.

Avid travelers, Ken and his wife Sharon have been to Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Africa numerous times, on both professional and personal missions. It was on one of those trips that Ken built one of his favorite Epworth memories: presenting bibles to the Bishop representing the 39 churches Epworth was underwriting in the Congo.

When asked about Epworth, Ken is quick to note that it's the people who make the church's teachings shine. Be it building a Habitat house, filling more than 1,250 boxes of food to feed the hungry people of Northwest Ohio, or simply reaching out to someone who needs a little extra, he describes the congregation as "alive and dynamic, and living out the Christian faith, where the people not only give of their resources, but also of themselves, their time, and their commitment. Epworth believes in taking on big challenges and making a difference in the world – both near and far."

And for Ken, with that kind of backing, spreading God's word – and putting a smile on someone's face - is a delightful way to live!

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