Money Talks News: How to prevent your credit card from being declined

Many people have experienced the embarrassment of their credit card being declined on a night out or on a trip to the store.

For years, the only the reason your card would be declined was because you overspent your limit. Now, there are many other reasons your card can be declined and not all have to do with money.

First, your credit card company may be declined due to unusual activity. If you have several big purchases or multiple purchases exceeding a limit can cause a security decline.

To avoid this, know your daily limits and call your company before buying a big-ticket item.

Next, if your personal information does not match-up, like you enter the wrong ZIP code several times, your card will be declined. The simple solution is to stay up to date with all your information that changes.

Another issue is if your card is put on hold for a hotel room or car rental, it will tie up part of your credit line. So if your card is put on hold, ask how much the hold is and plan around it. Have a backup card for these situations as well.

If you travel abroad, make sure you let your credit card company knows about it. Otherwise, it could be declined as a security precaution.

Finally, your card may be declined if it is expired. So make sure all you cards are current, even if you do not use them much.

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