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Kettering College enrollment holds steady through water crisis

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Crews continue to make progress replacing Flint's lead and galvanized steel pipes in Flint.

The water crisis has taken a big toll on residents and the city's reputation.

"I heard 'don't drink the water.' That was kind of the main thing," said Katherine Cheyne, freshman at Kettering University.

She remembers the things she heard about Flint before ever going there. Now the motivated student is proud to say she is a student at Kettering.

She said she did deal with some uncertainty at first.

"As soon as I stepped foot on campus they assured me 'you don't have to worry about it. We are taking care of it. Everything is safe here for you to drink all the water you want,'" Cheyne said.

The Zeeland native said Flint may be dealing with some negative drawbacks because of the water fiasco, but her and her classmates say there is so much more to be seen.

"There is stuff like going downtown, like hanging out with my friends and going to the crepe shop. It's just stuff I never got to experience back home," Cheyne said.

Kip Darcy, vice president of marketing at Kettering, said the water crisis has impacted college admissions somewhat.

"Well I think anytime you have a lot of media attention on a community that focuses on distress or compromise, obviously there is going to be perspective people and families that are going to be reluctant," Darcy said.

Darcy said students and families may be more apprehensive, but the good news is student enrollment isn't declining and it's quite steady.

Darcy said Kettering still enrolls an average of 500 new students each year.

"There is also a certain type of student that is interested in community service and in making a social impact. And those students are more interested so that's a pretty cool thing," Darcy said.

Cheyne wants to be a mechanical engineer and is glad she chose Kettering. She wants to encourage others to check out the great city.

"Don't listen to all the things. People say a lot of things about things they don't know about. Kettering is well maintained, but there are also places you can go and make things better," Cheyne said.

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