Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: July 16, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Will you vote yes to spend money for a new Lucas County jail?  The commissioners hope so and one makes his case here on the Leading Edge.

The ballot's getting better. Outside of Toledo races for mayor and city council, 2017 was shaping up to be a rather quiet election year. But you've already gotten a peek on our air at an issue that's going to be anything but quiet. It is the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act and it promises to get what it calls "exorbitant" prescription drug prices under control  Well, what's not to like, right? Dale Butland from the "Ohioans Against the Deceptive RX (prescription) ballot issue. and John McCarthy, a former Ohio Medicaid Director will speak about the issue.

If passed, the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act would require*the State of Ohio to pay no more for prescription drugs than the V.A. pays. And if they could negotiate an even lower rate, the state could do so. Who, how and why should anybody oppose? Butland and McCarthy will explain.

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