Money Talks News: How much a ticket costs your insurance

Money Talks News - No one likes receiving a dreaded traffic ticket. They can cost a lot in fines, traffic school and court costs. But the true killer is insurance rates. did a study on auto insurance rates after traffic tickets.

The most expensive ticket is reckless driving, which can cause your car insurance to go up by 22 percent.

The next most costly infraction is DUI, which causes insurance to jump by an average of 19 percent.

Another big one is driving without a license, which can cause your insurance to rise by 18 percent.

Of course, speeding is a common infraction that can cause a headache for paying your insurance.

Speeding can cost between 11 to 15 percent on your insurance depending on how fast you were going over the limit.

Other common infractions that can hurt your insurance is failing to yield, which averages a nine percent increase, and seat belt infractions, which can cost you about three percent.

There are two ways to prevent your rates from going up.

First, you can show up to court and hope the judge shows mercy on your and you avoid points against your record.

The second way is to obey all traffic laws to the best of your ability.

For more information on keeping your rates down, head to the Money Talks News website and search "car insurance."

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