Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: July 9, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Fighting human trafficking in the classrooms of Toledo's public schools. We know that our part of the state is a hotbed for trafficking and most blame location. State laws have attacked the problem, great organizations like "The Daughter Project" have established residences where women and girls rescued from trafficking can get their lives back together. But is there a way to confront this despicable tragedy from happening in the first place, or to at least get to the victims of trafficking early before they become immersed in a swamp it's difficult to escape from?

Mona Al-Hayani a history teacher at Toledo's Early College High School discusses her work on educating people human trafficking

And here's a question: Would you swap out some of the tax you pay on your home for a sales tax increase to fund public buses and fix streets? In Lucas County, you may face that choice. TARTA would like to relieve you of those taxes and have you pay an additional half-percent on things you buy ; the county sales tax.

Finally, every child should have two parents. But too often when marriages split up, the little ones have historically been aligned much more with one parent over the other. Margaret Wuwert  dedicated much of her adult life to changing that paradigm and tells what she experienced.

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