Call 11 for Action helps Toledo family get their electricity back

Call 11 for Action helps Toledo family get their electricity back

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Michael and Heather Smallman had no electricity in their house and they blamed the city of Toledo.

The house was hot, spoiled food was thrown out of the refrigerator and the couple had to move in with Heather's parents.

"It makes us angry," said Michael.

This all started after the Smallmans fell behind on their electric bills. Toledo Edison disconnected the meter and the power several days ago.

The couple made a partial payment this week and Edison agreed to restore the power because their nine-year-old son Charlie has asthma.

"We went and got a medical order to get it turned back on and this is what we got" adds Michael.

What they got was a worker who tried to install the meter and then left. As a result, the Smallmans called in an electrician Friday to repair the meter at a cost of $819.

"While he was here he explained it was due to the way she was putting in the meter" said Michael.

After the electrician repaired the meter, the Smallmans needed a city inspector to come out to approve what was done. However due to prior appointments being booked, they were told someone wouldn't be able to come until July 18.

"I wish they would get things at a faster rate of what they're doing. Leaving somebody without power for eleven days" said Michael.

After Call for Action contacted the city about this incident a city inspector showed up and shortly later, Toledo Edison restored power to the Smallmans.

Michael, Heather and Charlie are comfortably  back home.

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