Money Talks News: Drug store items

Money Talks News - Most people don't think twice about prices when buying everyday house hold items, such as toothpaste, cereal and even diapers.

But there are many ways to save money while shopping, it's just all about finding the right deals.

At drugstores such as Walgreens and CVS, whose discounts come from coupons, clearance and store loyalty programs allow shoppers to combine deals which sometimes even results in a free shopping trip.

For example, if cereal is on sale for $1.99 and there is a coupon for 85 cents off, shoppers are now only paying $1.14 for a box. To top it off, if shoppers buy five boxes then they would get a dollar worth of points back from the stores loyalty program, and are now only spending 94 cents per box of cereal.

There are also times when coupons aren't needed, and the store itself is having great money-saving sales.

This may sound like a lot of work but in the end it is worth the extra cash.

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