State of the Great Lakes report deteriorating health of Lake Erie

State of the Great Lakes report deteriorating health of Lake Erie
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(WTOL) - The U.S. EPA along with the Canadian government helped to author the 2017 State of the Great Lakes report. The report analyzes all five lakes and says whether they are fair, unchanging or deteriorating.

The report says Lake Erie has several concerns.

According to the report, nutrients in the lake are deteriorating. The report says there is too much phosphorus in the lake leading to harmful algae blooms.

While, the report may not come as surprise to some, it is a poor outlook to the source of a half-million people's drinking water in the Toledo-area.

"I got kids," said Frank Szollosi of the National Wildlife Federation. "I mean, I give them this water every morning and it fires me up. And people should be fired up about it. The federal government is proposing to go backwards on water quality, not forward. And if people in Toledo aren't upset about it, who would be?"

Szollosi wants Senator Rob Portman to pay attention to the report since he supported President Trump's selection of Scott Pruitt to lead the U.S. EPA.

Szollosi says Pruitt wants to cut funding for Lake Erie at a crucial time. However, Senator Portman says cutting funding now could be detrimental to Lake Erie.

"We've made progress in the last couple of years by getting more legislation passed that provides more resources, better coordinating the federal effort with the state and local effort," Sen. Portman said. "So we're on the right track in terms of where we're going. Let's not pull back now."

The report also says the condition of Lake Erie's beaches is deteriorating; however toxic chemical conditions in the Lake's sediments is improving.

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