Call 11 for Action: Woman who lost everything in fire fighting for $100 deposit

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A woman who lost everything in a south Toledo apartment fire is facing even more problems.

She contacted Call 11 for Action saying she and her son are looking for a new place to live.

She looked for weeks, trying to find somewhere else. She says the Andover Apartments even tried to help find a spot. Then she ended up next in line for a new unit at Andover.

"But they said the only thing it probably won't be ready until the 16th of June. And I said 'Ok.' But she said 'We're going to need a deposit to hold it,'" Taylor said.

She put down a $100 deposit, but then two days later she got nervous and changed her mind.

"Every little noise you hear, 'Is that a fire, is that a fire?' Or while I'm at work. So I just said you know, I'll just try somewhere else," Taylor explained.

She told us she was never shown the unit and never signed a lease. Taylor says she called 48 hours later to cancel and ask for her security deposit back.

But the apartment managers refused to give Taylor back her money.

"I know it might be a small amount to them, but when you've lost everything, trying to get everything back that's a lot, you know, to us," said Taylor.

Call 11 for Action went to the Andover Apartments Leasing office two days in a row. The first time, the building was locked during business hours. Call 11 tried to call and left a business card with employees.

The second time, Call 11 was chased out of the building and told to get off their property.

When Call 11 tried calling the apartment's management company, Cornerstone Managed Properties, in Lorain, Ohio, the phone number listed was not a working number.

Taylor says she just wants the money back so she can start over.

"It's hard starting all over again. And it might not have meant something to somebody else but to me I had a lot of personal memories in there," Taylor said.

After trying to call the apartment managers four times, Call 11 finally got a call back. They told us deposits are non-refundable unless tenants cancel within 24 hours. She also said the apartments did a lot of fundraising that went directly to the tenants.

Andover did not say if they would make an exception for Taylor.

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