Money Talks News: Saving money for your pet

Money Talks News: Saving money for your pet

Money Talks News - Pets are a big business in America, nearly $50 billion worth. While taking care of a pet is not cheap, there are ways to save money.

Finding a furry friend for free was just the start for Saundra Ours. She plans to keep up the smart saving on her dog, Hoover.

"I look for coupons for as far as stores go for foods, pet foods and stuff. Wal-Mart's a good place," Ours said.

Coupons are one way to keep your pet from taking too big a bite from the budget.

You should prioritize what is most important. For example, spend more money on good food rather than expensive toys. Speaking of food, your vet will tell you if a generic brand of food will be healthy for your pet so you do not need the premium brand.

Also check your local shelter for low-cost vet services that provide vaccinations, spaying and neutering. There is also pet health insurance.

Grooming can be expensive, but there are plenty of online videos that will teach you how to groom your pet.

For more information how to save money on pets, head to the Money Talks News website and search for "Pets."

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