70 percent of Wood County residents overweight or obese

70 percent of Wood County residents overweight or obese

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Almost 500 Wood County residents recently took a health assessment. Of those 500 people, 35 percent are considered obese while another 35 percent are considered overweight.

This puts then at a higher risk of many health complications.

"No, it honestly doesn't surprise me. It sucks, but it doesn't surprise me," said resident Ashley Eaken.

Neighbors say they just do not think people make time to be physically active or eat healthy. But this is not a new trend.

"That's pretty close to what we found in 2015 when we did a really full random sample, where 64 percent of the population was obese and overweight," said Pat Snyder of the Wood County Health District.

This is similar to the national average. But this statistic was not the one that stuck out  most to the Wood County Health District from the assessment.

"The difference between what the community leaders felt were available in the community and what the general public felt is available in the community, for instance access to healthy fruits and vegetables and places to get physical activity like trails," Snyder said.

Moving forward, community leaders want to put a specific emphasis on making sure residents know how they can live a healthy lifestyle here in Wood County.

"We've talked about working with our partners to maybe put together a website or a document that can tell people about the resources that are available," Snyder said.

Resources like farmers markets or biking trails.

"Being able to get out there and get the fresh fruits and vegetables and get physically active with little or no cost is very important," Snyder explained.

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