Money Talks News: Living together without a ring

Money Talks News - For many Americans, marriage is another step in the journey of life. However, 15 million Americans are not married.

If you and your partner decide against marriage, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, couples should never have their home in one of their names while both pay. The reason is if the couple breaks up, the person whose name appears on the deed is solely responsible for the mortgage.

Next, you need to worry about your will.

If you are married without will, your partner has some protections. However, if you are not married and without a will, the law cannot recognize your partner as beneficiary, regardless of how long you have been dating.

Finally, health coverage is a big concern for unmarried couples.

Depending on the employer, one partner may be able to cover the other. But if you are providing your unmarried partner with benefits, they could be taxable to you.

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