'Save Amtrak' the message of ralliers after Trump proposes budget cuts

'Save Amtrak' the message of ralliers after Trump proposes budget cuts

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There were rallies across the nation to save trains on Saturday, including one at Toledo's Amtrak station.

Passengers are worried about proposed federal budget cuts to Amtrak service by the Trump Administration.

These are the people who love to ride the rails.

Bob Seyfang uses Amtrak at least three times a year.

"Just the convenience. Not having to drive  to an airport and go through security," said Seyfang.

Folks are sickened by proposed cuts that would kill distance rail in more than 220 cities and towns, such at Toledo and Bryan, which are serviced by the Lake Shore Limited and Capitol Limited.

Four Amtrak trains roll in and out of Toledo on a daily basis, the busiest station in Ohio.

"There are a lot of people that need trains that travel across the country because they don't have cars. The other thing is, it's very good for the economy and the state," said Tim Porter of the Northwest Ohio Passenger Rail Association.

The rally was organized by the National Association of Railroad Passengers.

They raised their voices in forty cities across the country so Congress will understand the importance of train service to millions of Americans.

Their message is the federal budget needs to be held at or above the levels of the bi-partisan FAST Act which passed in 2015.

That budgets just under $5 and a half billion over a five year period for Amtrak to maintain and enhance its operating service.

"All transportation is supported by the federal government and passenger rail needs to have its equal footing. To eliminate small community service across the country is not right," said Bruce Becker of the NARP.

Mr. Seyfang hopes he never goes to the Amtrak station ticket window and sees a sign that reads 'Closed.'

"Be terrible. Try to get more service, not less," said Seyfang.

The President's proposed budget still has to go through Congress.

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