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Call 11 for Action gets results for man with driveway problem

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Our driveway is the gateway to our homes. We want them to look good and be ready to handle any weather. But that's not happening on Bowser Drive for a west Toledo man.

“They did a good job repairing the leak, but I haven't seen them since,” Paul Wiley said.

Wiley said the city fixed a water line at the end of his driveway in February of 2015 and had to tear up one of the concrete slabs.

But crews never returned to replace the concrete.

He said he had to use stones to cover up a hole, and the slab next to it sunk down while it just sat there.

Paul said he called the city several times over the last two years but never got a call back. He has also had problems during the winter months.

“I bought a new snow blower, a big one, and it would pick up the stone and throw them out into the road. I was afraid it was going to hit a car or somebody or throw them over my yard,” Wiley said.

About to give up, Paul contacted Call 11 For Action, and our team started making calls to the city.

This morning, a city crew dropped off these orange cones and told Paul they will be back next week to tear out the concrete slab that sunk down and to repave it, as well as the one they forgot about.

“I tell you, the only reason I'm getting them out here now is because of you people. And I appreciate that,” Wiley said.

The city sent crews out to pour new concrete at the man's home on Tuesday.

A city spokesperson said they don't have a lot of people who do this kind of work, so they got behind.

She acknowledged that it should not have taken this long to get it done.

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