Experts say now is the time to sell your home

Experts say now is the time to sell your home

. - SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) -As summer temperatures are heating up, so are the housing markets.

According to Remax Associates, the early summer months are the "pinnacle" of their year, and they say the school season accounts for that.

"So if the school season starts in the middle of August, we have a buying season happening around that and you really need to be looking now so you're ready to be in your house by the time that school starts," said John Mangas, co-owner of Remax Associates.

Although it's a seller's market at the moment, it's not a bad time for home buyers either.

Interest rates are low, making it a competitive market for buyers and giving them more buying power.

Buyers can make themselves more attractive by getting pre-approved by a lender, getting finances in order and making sure credit scores are in good shape.

But ultimately, people selling their homes are in the best position right now.

"The seller is really able to hold their price, somewhat dictate terms. Often times there are more buyers for a property than there are properties for the market place to consume, so that's really a sellers' market. The seller really comes out ahead in a sellers' market," Mangas said.

The areas that have the most robust real estate markets at this time include Perrysburg, Monclova, Whitehouse, Sylvania and the Anthony Wayne District area.

"Those parts of the market have really been on fire this season," Mangas said.

Experts said they haven't seen as strong of a market like this one since before the recession about ten years ago.

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