VIDEO: Surveillance footage in Holland neighborhood causing great concern

HOLLAND, OH (WTOL) - A security video that has more than 2,000 views on Facebook, has caused a lot of concern and has raised plenty of questions for one Holland neighborhood.

In the video, a couple of individuals drive up to a home in Stone Oak. One of them walks up to the door and takes a picture of the lock. After the picture is snapped, they all leave.

The video has left a lot of people asking "why?"

Some speculate that the answer to that question is to go get a key made for the lock and return later, however some lock and key experts say that isn't possible.

"We can't do it from just a picture. One, it sends up a bunch of red flags you know that something's not right but there is just no conceivable way to do it from just a picture of a lock," said Michael McElheney the vice president of McElheney Locksmiths.

That's because every one lock profile offers anywhere from 7,000 to 1,000,000 different possibilities. The chances of getting a key to fit a lock from a picture are highly unlikely.

The same concept can be applied to trying to check for wear pattern or discoloration on an electric keypad.

"It's not very likely. Some of them will show somewhere some marks if they've been on the door for a long time. But even then after so many tries, they lock you out," said McElheney.

Some retailers do stock only a small number of keys per lock. This means that if a retailer and an exact model is tracked down then there is a slim chance to return with the correct key.

Neither the homeowner of the house in the video nor law enforcement can pin down a clear motive for the picture of the lock.

The Lucas County Sheriff's Office said that they are currently looking into it.

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